"White Tara"

© Zotec 2001

Original painting framed in traditional style with Nepalese silk brocade material ("Paymachandi" - small flower design) with decorative metal weights, painted in acrylic on cotton, painting size 82x 62cm. The painting is decorated with 24ct gold - SOLD

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This goddess of compassion, who was born from the tears of Avalokiteshvara, grants long life, protection and liberation from fear. She embodies the purity and wisdom of enlightenment. Her seven eyes allow her to oversee every realm of existence with compassion and love.

White Tara A4 size print
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White Tara A3 size print
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White Tara A2 size limited
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White Tara
5 greeting cards
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White Tara
10 greeting cards

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White Tara
15 greeting cards
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White Tara
20 greeting cards

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