Painting Your Vision - Private Commissions

commissioned wedding painting
Commissioned painting ©2007 for a wedding gift.


"Choose your own symbols to carry the meaning of your vision - by sharing a vision with others, new meaning will be added to the image and their interpretations can give a new perspective, which allows a deeper understanding of the purpose and significance of the vision. By commissioning a painting, a dream or vision can be given a life of its own and it will continue to give you inspiration for many years to come."

ghostdancing in venice cover art
"Birth of the Fifth Sun" ©2007.
Commissioned painting by Zotec
- as seen on the cover of
"Ghostdancing in Venice" by George Vigileos

commissioned artwork arrow of truth
"Arrow of Truth" ©2008 - Commissioned artwork by Peter "Zotec" Newman


Dreams and Visions - Have you ever thought of envisioning your own artwork to tell a story or to bring a personal dream or a vision to life?

Book or album covers - Have you written a book, piece of writing or produced a music album for which you would like a bespoke artwork or illustration?

Celebrations - Create a unique gift to celebrate a special occasion, a hard-earned achievement or an important milestone in your life.


"The aim of a successful commission is for it to be a collaborative creation process. To clarify your requirements for an artwork it is helpful to share ideas for the content of the painting through sketches, discussion and then the final drawings. The 'journey' of manifesting a painting must always include room for new inspiration and development along the way and allow for the limitations of my particular style and medium (although I like to be challenged as well!) - it should always be possible to end up with a satisfied client and a fulfilled artist. It is a wonderful experience when the imagination of another person connects with my own and allows us to create a new, unique artwork."


Size (cm) Fee
150x100 £4500
120x120 £4320
100x100 £3000
120x80 £2880
100x60 £2100
75x50 £1500
60x60 £1440
50x30 £675
30x20 £300
15x10 £90

The fee does not include framing of the artwork or delivery costs.

zotec Bridge Of Dreams
Zotec - "Bridge Of Dreams"

"When a vision is strong, even a hastily drawn sketch of it can bring it back to my memory. It's something that I've wanted to share and although I probably could develop the skills to do that eventually, it would take years... working with Zotec I found a way to express my visions in a process that brings out more than the essence of the vision itself. I learned that it takes more than just the capable hands of the artist to fully manifest 'spiritual art', it takes a soul with empathy. This is what led to the 'Birth of the Fifth Sun' and 'Arrow of Truth'."
-- G. Vigileos 21st March 2008

To enquire about commissioning your own painting, please contact the artist