About The Artist:

Peter "Zotec" Newman has studied the art form of Thangka painting since 1999 with the accomplished and internationally renowned painter and teacher Andy Weber. Andy has maintained the accuracy and skill of the discipline in order to teach others throughout the western world; information about his classes can be found at www.andyweberstudios.com

zotec at work
The artist (L) and (R) - with Vajrayogini

Zotec - "Vajrasattva" (Acrylic on cotton, 2002)

"My experience of painting Thangkas has led me to the realisation of the value of devotional practice associated with a deep desire to transform negative states of mind. To see the deities as aspects of one's own nature allows a gradual opening of perception to include all beings and a deeper compassion inevitably follows."

Working on a Mural for "The Majik House"

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